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Buying a new home can be a great investment but, buying the right home can be very stressful. A professional Home Inspection can help reduce the risk of making your home a poor investment. A thorough search of the home may save you from those hidden surprises you find after the purchase that sometimes cost a lot of money to fix. Don't take a chance, get a JTD Home Inspection.

By getting a JTD Home Inspection, you're not only getting a professional looking over the house for defects, you're getting a demonstration about how your prospective house works. I will show you where all the safety controls are (i.e. gas shut off valves, breakers, and heating/cooling devices) and advice on how you can maintain your home cost effectively. With my background in Electricity, Concrete, Blue Prints, and Construction, I can confidently look over the house for any possible defects that exist or may arise in the future.

I strongly encourage my clients to be present during the inspection for a few reasons. One, you will get an ongoing explanation of how your potential home works and where main safety valves are. I can specifically show you areas of concern and then for your future reference a detailed report will be given to you at my findings. Two, you will get an "eye" for detecting potential problems in your home giving you the upper hand in household maintenance which keep and even improves the value of your home. Three, it creates relationship where you and I can create open communication for future needs. For example, any questions or concerns in the future of your home. I will know your home and will be able to give you sound advice or assistance in any area of concern in your home.

An inspection usually takes 2-3hrs depending on the age and the condition of the home. You will get a completed written report in a binder, with a home maintenance package with a lot of informational reading about your new home and how it works. My goal is to make the inspection keep working for you as long as you own the house. After your home purchase, feel free to contact me any time between 9am-9pm Mon-Sat with any questions, concerns, and even advice about maintenance or any other problems that may arise. My goal is customer satisfaction during and long after the inspection has been done.



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under 2500 sq/ft 60 years old or older


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mold inspection

Mold, the worst roommate.

Mold can be found anywhere in dark, moist areas. A common mistake people make when they find mold is to wipe it off. In order to survive the mold will go airborne through spores looking for their next food source. Spores are also released when mold grows. These spores can be absorbed through the skin, inhaled or ingested. Once in your system, it can cause many respiratory problems such as Runny Nose, Itchy Eyes, Asthma, Pneumonitis, sinusitis, and dry cough. You may suffer from skin rashes, upset stomach or headaches. Certain types of mold (Aspergillus, Stachybotrys) create mycotoxins and release them into the air through spores and can cause more adverse affects on humans. Prolonged exposure could lead to internal bleeding, kidney and or liver failure and pulmonary emphysema.

How will I know if I have mold?

A Mold inspection by a qualified certified inspector is the only way to know for sure what is causing your environmental symptoms. Mold can be found anywhere dark, moist areas exist. A common mistake people make when they find mold is to wipe it off. When you try to kill the mold, the spores take to the air looking for their next source of food. You need to determine the source of the moisture the mold is living off, and eliminate it first. Unfortunately, mold is finding it's way into our house and is destroying the structural integrity of crucial areas (floor joists) and also causing possible health risks with prolonged exposure. At JTD we can provide peace of mind with Air Quality and other Tests that will determine what problem areas you may have and the solution to these problem areas.

What is an Air Quality test?

An Air Quality Test is done with a specialized vacuum pump and an air-sampling cassette. This will be set up in the suspect area of the house, and an air sample will be taken. One air sample will be taken outside or in a "clean" room for comparison. The cassettes will get sent to a lab for analysis and with in a few days the results of the air sample will be done. An Air Quality Test is testing for any type of aeroallergens (air borne allergens) and bioaerosols(biological particles). Examples of these are mold spores, pollen, skin fragments, dust mite parts and their feces, combustion particles, toners, environmental dusts, construction dusts and other airborne particulates. This is what we do at JTD along with other Allergen and Air Quality tests.

Allergen and other types of tests

Mold may not be the problem with the air quality in your home. There may be different types of microorganisms living in your house that are affecting the air quality. Some examples would be dust mites, cockroach parts and feces, animal dander, and even cat saliva. To test for these, JTD would collect at least 1 tsp of dust to send to the lab for results.

There can be other factors in your home affecting your or other members of your household. JTD can also test building materials for asbestos, which can be found in vermiculite insulation, heater pipe insulation, and even in some types of plaster used until the 1980's. It is recommended that if asbestos is found in the home, not to disturb it. It has to be broken, cut, or drilled into to release any of the harmful fibers. JTD can also send in paint chips to test for lead paints. If either of these is causing concern in your home, call JTD for free info and estimates on sampling charges.

Why was mold not an issue twenty years ago?

With advancing technology, the human race has discovered many ways to improve overall health and life span. As with many things unknown, mold was not much of a problem because the results of harboring it were also unknown. The general public neglects the issues mold can cause, because they have never had any problems with it before, so why worry about it now.

The reason mold is more of a problem today than 20 years ago is due to the way houses are now being built. New building codes implemented to make houses as energy efficient as possible, and by using different building methods and materials, houses are built so air tight that it's trapping moisture vapours inside. Also, most houses are built on a concrete foundation that emits moisture while it's curing for up to 7 years before fully cured. Houses are also being built in winter weather with wet or frozen lumber that isn't being dried properly before the house is finished. All these factors are raising humidity levels inside new houses, creating condensation on windows and piping which is a great source of moisture for mold to start to grow. Older houses are showing signs of mold because of lack of regular maintenance. Mortar deterioration between bricks, cracks in the foundation, and old or insufficient roofing materials are allowing water to penetrate into the house. Lack of insulation in certain areas can cause condensation during winter months where the warm air in the house meets with the cold air from outside. With a small source of constant moisture, mold can begin to grow with in 24-48hrs. When the mold reaches maturity, it will release microbial spores into the air, spreading the mold anywhere there is a sufficient food source and moisture. This is when mold starts to grow inside wall cavities, behind cabinets and even in ventilation systems. Molds purpose is to survive and it is very good at what it does.

What is mold?

Mold is a very important organism and is part of the natural environment. Molds are part of the fungi kingdom, a diverse group of organisms within a wide range of species that include mushrooms, bracket fungi, molds and mildew.

Mold's primary function is to breakdown dead organic material and recycles nutrients back to the earth. Without mold our world would be covered in accumulated organic matter. In addition to breaking down material, mold is also an aid in the development of certain foods and medicine, such as cheese and penicillin.

total home package

With the Total Home Package, you will not only get a full Home Inspection but you will also receive an Air Quality Test.

With some cleaners and some fresh paint, signs of mold can be covered very easily for a temporary amount of time. Eventually the mold will grow through the fresh paint after the inspection is over. With an Air Quality Test, I can vacuum the air from the house using an Air Cassette (spore trap) and a specialized Vacuum Pump checking for a concentrated spore count. If there is a high concentration of mold spores in the air, it is more than likely there may be a mold problem in the home.

The tests take approximately 15 minutes to complete so it won't add a lot of extra time to the Home Inspection. I realize there may only be a small window until the closing date, so I can phone with your results in 48 hours or less. We can then set a date to properly go over the results of the Air Quality Test.

I can only offer this package at this price Monday through Wednesday because of lab processing fees. It can be done on a Thursday or Friday for a larger fee. Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.