about jtd home inspections inc.

Do you purchase used objects without investigating their condition first?

Then why would you buy a house without a Home Inspection? A Home Inspection costs an average of 0.2% of the price you are going to pay for your home, and can save you from those unfortunate surprises you may find after your purchase. At JTD, we are fully trained and certified to look over your prospective home for any major or minor defects that may exist and cause future problems. We can also give you routine maintenance advice, so you can keep your new home up and running as cost efficiently as possible. Let JTD help you find a home that is in the condition you are looking for. Don't get stuck with a house you are not happy with, get a JTD Home Inspection!

Maybe Air Quality (mold) is your major concern?

At JTD, we can take care of this for you as well. Whether you are buying a new home for yourself, or you are concerned about the Air Quality in your existing home, JTD has all the tools needed to check the air for biologicals (mold), to sample existing mold, and the know-how to find problem mold areas in your home. Exposure to a high concentration of mold spores over a long period of time may start to cause major health issues in humans. So whether you need a quick Air Quality sample or a complete Mold Inspection done, here at JTD we are looking out for you.